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Yoga retreat in Fontainebleau 25 and 26th November 2017

Find your soul, calm your mind and improve your french. Join us for a Yoga retreat in Fontainebleau (1 hour from Paris) the 25 and 26th of November 2017. All levels welcome. Yoga Sessions will be done in French.To apply : register form fontainebleau

Hatha Yoga

4h00 of Hatha Yoga per day

  • Salutation of sun
  • Pranayama (breathing exercices)
  • Asanas (postures)
  • Nidra (relaxation)
  • Méditation

Hiking in Fontainebleau Forest

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After lunch time on saturday, we will go hiking in Fontainebleau Forest.

On sunday, we will have a small walk inside the Rocheton.

Accomodation in YMCA le Rocheton

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Le Rocheton is a YMCA located near the forest of Fontainebleau.

Le Rocheton is a peacefull place featuring a balance of rest with big trees.

Rooms in the rocheton

chambre le rocheton

We will sleep in 3, 4 beds room with private bathroom and toilet. 3-4 people per room : 165 € all included ; 2 people per room 190 € ; individual room 230 €

Yoga Instructor : Clément LEURENT

yoga demi pince

Clément LEURENT is Yoga Instructor since 2010. He has done several training in India and in France with differents Yogis. Today he teachs Hatha Yoga in Paris in Sankara’s way. Sankara is french yoga school associated to bihar school of India (Swami Satyananda). The yoga sessions will be done in FRENCH but I speak English, Spannish and Swedish.


  • Price 2 days/1 night : 165 € for Yoga Retreat (Included yoga, food, accomodation, 2 hikes ). Not included: transport ; 190 € (double occupancy) ; 230 € (single occupancy). The yoga sessions will be done in FRENCH but I speak English, Spanish and Swedish.

Contact me to book your french yoga retreat


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